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Welcome to Helsingin Kirjamessut, where Suuntana100 ry presents by us supported and by Migration Institute published Vieno Zlobina’s book Their ideals were crushed.

Place Helsinki Fair Center, Booth 6G70 Tiedekirjasto

Time 26.10. 15:00-15:25

Vieno Zlobina


A daughter’s Story of the Säde Commune in Soviet Karelia

Vieno Zlobina Their Ideals Were Crushed

Vieno Zlobina
Their Ideals Were Crushed

One of the most recent memories telling of life and destiny of finnish canadian emigrants who left to Soviet Karelia to make their ideals true. Vieno descripes strictly history and life of Säde commune from daughter’s view. The book is very actual and touchcing also in today’s world where there are millions of people moving after their dreams.

Ikitie Movie has used Vieno’s book as background material.

Terttu Häkkilä, Suuntana100 ry is telling about the book and now 98 years old Vieno. Migration Institute of Finland.

You can buy the book or get the free e-book from Migration Institute.


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